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San Luis Valley Generation Wild is a coalition of like-minded partners who work across the San Luis Valley. The original SLV Inspire coalition, which utilized Tier One funding beginning in 2016, has been merged with the Alamosa Rio Inspire, a Tier Two funding coalition whose funding began in 2017. Together, these partners represent the six counties of the San Luis Valley, providing youth and community environmental education opportunities and outdoor programming. They include non-profit and municipal organizations. These organizations remain dedicated to collaboration and continuing partnerships for outdoor and environmental engagement and seek additional funders into the next several years who will support their efforts as a coalition.

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The SLV Generation Wild’s vision is that the San Luis Valley is a vibrant, healthy, and active outdoor community cared for by all. Our mission is working together to create opportunities and connections to the outdoors for all people in the San Luis Valley. The mission and vision are guided by the following principles:

our mission...

SLV Generation Wild is made up of nine local partner organizations who share a common vision of connecting San Luis Valley communities to the outdoors. In bringing together each of their unique approaches and dedicated teams, SLV Gen Wild partners are proud to be able to further their reach, deepen their impact, and see that vision come to life on a scale much larger than would be achievable alone.

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Adams state university Adventure program

Adams State Adventure Program hosts a comprehensive outdoor leadership development program to more than 1,500 youth each year. Participants have access to an indoor rock-climbing wall, challenge course, outdoor equipment rental center, and the outdoor leadership program.


Alamosa Parks and Recreation

The Alamosa Parks & Recreation (AP&R) Department strives to enhance the quality of life for youth and adults by providing affordable year round recreation, leisure, and community activities.

Alamosa Parks & Rec

Alpine Achievers Initiative

Alpine Achievers Initiative (AAI) inspires, connects and nurtures youth, families and communities in rural Colorado.  AAI structures its work around a positive youth development framework, offering activities focused on helping students become healthy people mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.


Boys & Girls Club of the San Luis Valley

The Boys & Girls Club of the San Luis Valley developed an outdoor adventure and leadership program that engages and develops youth through instruction and internships.


Creede Parks and Recreation

Creede Parks and Recreation strives to promote K - 12 engagement in community activities and provide opportunities for local youth to experience the great outdoors. 

Creede Parks & Rec

Rio Grande Farm Park

The Rio Grande Farm Park (RGFP) is a 38-acre agricultural park that encourages economic development, healthy living practices, hands-on education, and recreational opportunities for community members.

Farm Park

Rio Grande Watershed Conservation & Education Initiative

The Rio Grande Watershed Conservation & Education Initiative (RGWCEI) is a non-profit organization formed in partnership with the soil & water conservation districts of the San Luis Valley.


San Luis Valley Great Outdoors

San Luis Valley Great Outdoors (SLV GO!) provides residents and visitors throughout the San Luis Valley with accessible and inclusive outdoor recreation opportunities that connect communities, improve wellness, encourage stewardship, and contribute to the economic vitality of the region. 


San Luis Valley Rattlers

Rio Grande Rattlers seeks to get young riders on mountain bikes and onto our expanding trail networks in the San Luis Valley. Believing mountain biking to be a lifelong pursuit, this organization provides a meaningful opportunity to increase the health and wellness of Valley high school students.

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